Trent View Master Cat Groomer

Working exclusively with cats, I’m specially trained to provide professional grooming services. With a peaceful grooming technique, paying extra care and attention to each individual cat, your pet will be in safe, expert hands.

I understand the importance of grooming cats due to the health advantages and therapeutic benefits, and I'm very proud of my friendly yet thorough approach.

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My cat grooming services will treat your pet to an array of benefits, as grooming strengthens the bond between cat and owner, while serving as an opportunity to spot any health concerns.

I assess each cat individually to understand their unique concerns and needs, as well as the time required for each animal. I offer a free estimation for this invaluable service – just get in touch to receive yours today!

What Our Clients Say

Lovely lady and did an amazing job with our 14-year-old Norwegian Forest rescue cat. Very patient with him and handled him very well. She generally cares about the wellbeing of the animal. Really pleased with the outcome and already booked in for his next appointment. I would highly recommend.


Both my cats love their visit from Sal. She’s so patient and gentle with them and they always look amazing after a session with her.


Sarah came to Willow yesterday to groom him. Didn’t think he would let her give him the ‘lion cut’, but I was wrong! She knew how to handle him and he was putty in her hands. Very pleased with results. Thank you, Sarah. See you again soon!


We have two very happy cats - thank you so much for spending so much time making sure they were happy and settled. We have never had any kind of grooming treatment for our two senior ladies (just normal moggies - one long haired, one short) until this hot weather, and knowing you wanted them to be comfy, happy and calm with the process meant so much. Thank you for all the great advice on how to maintain the grooming going forwards as well - hoping we can get them much more settled into regular brushing now we have the right tools and approach! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services.


Gypsy is so much more relaxed and looking quite svelte (38 grams of hair lighter). She is my shadow at the Heeley City Farm across the street from our flat, but goes there on her own - she is such a sociable girl. Grooming her is extra challenging and we are so grateful for your willingness to take on the challenge. Sal, you have a gift for cat whispering - even if she still behaved badly and bit you… hope you are all healed now!