Why Cat Grooming?

It’s a common

Misconception that cat grooming is unnecessary. Many cat owners believe that, because felines engage in self-cleaning, it’s not needed. However, this is untrue. There are numerous benefits to your cat being properly groomed by a professional.

Grooming improves

Health in cats, prevents fur balls from forming and causing the cat harm, and reduces the fur that lies around in your home – clinging to clothes and carpets. Grooming also keeps cats in shape and enhances the animal’s natural beauty.

My grooming

Services can also involve health assessment, as I can detect health issues like fleas, dermatitis and check for any lumps and bumps. Based on my findings, recommendations are made for how to improve your cat’s health, including whether a visit to the vets is required.

Much like humans

Cats are also very comforted by the act of grooming. For both short and long hair types, grooming is effective in calming cats, due to the therapeutic act. Therefore, treating your cat to a pamper session can enhance the relationship between you (the owner) and your pet.